"Your keynote address was certainly the highlight of the event. You were inspiring to our students and certainly to me. It was pleasure working with you. Thank you for helping make our first Youth Leadership Conference a memorable and inspiring one…" 


Tou Meksavanh

Conference Coordinator, IYLC

"I'm very, very motivated...I'm so glad you came to our school today...You made us laugh and think at the same time...


Alex, H.S. Junior

SPEAKING                                                TRAINING         

"Your leadership training was awesome and phenomenal. One of the best trainings I've ever been to. I learned so much about what it means to be a leader. I want to thank you Tamam for teaching us how to be a great leader. I used to be very quiet with my ideas but having attended your training, I’m really excited to start doing things and take more leadership roles." 


Mustaf, H.S. Senior


"Thank you SO MUCH for making our conference a huge success... Here are some quotes from our students: "He is absolutely amazing." "It got me thinking about life after high school." "He really showed me success through education was possible."   


Kristin Petroff 

Conference Coordinator, DDC

"I was really inspired by your speech at the conference today. I will start doing things differently from now on..."     


Johnathan, H.S. Student  


"Thank you for engaging our students… you have found a special place in their hearts."   


Erin Saltmarsh 

Program Director, VA

"What I really loved about Tamam was that he was light. He made us laugh yet left us with an advice that will stay with us forever."     


Emily, H.S. Junior 

"Tamam’s leadership training was so EXCITING, INSPIRING, AND ENCOURAGING. I gained so many skills that I believe will help me succeed in school and life. I also made so many new friends. THIS WAS THE BEST TRAINING EVER!


Chan, H.S. Student


"This training was a great opportunity. I feel very blessed. This is a great program for people like us who are low-income and immigrant because it empowers you and teaches you skills necessary to succeed in life...It helps you build confidence. I used to have a fear of not being able to do things, but now I feel very confident and that I can do stuff.


Rakia, H.S. Student


"Tamam’s leadership training makes you more keen on taking the role of a leader... it allows you to say I’m going to do this. If someone has to do it. It’s going to be me. It will change your life.


Ibrahim, H.S. Student


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